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Healthy Footwear: Choosing The Right Shoe For Your Foot - Tip Top Shoes of New York

Healthy Footwear: Choosing The Right Shoe For Your Foot


With any number of medical conditions that can lead to pain or aching in the feet, legs, knees, and back, it's important to buy shoes that will accommodate these issues and provide a more comfortable experience for the wearer. One way to ensure this is to purchase shoes in the correct width, which can depend on various measurements of your feet in different points. For more on how to accurately measure your foot's width, check out both of these articles, which go into detail on the different aspects of width measurement.


Other issues that can require specific footwear include arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints. Each of these conditions can be painful, and picking the right shoe to combat their effects is important. Click on the links to read more about the specific footwear needs for each condition. 


Looking for more consultation on what shoes will work best for you, as well as a wide selection of shoes in widths, shoes with specific support, and more? Check out Tip Top Shoes, located at 155 West 72nd Street, between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues on the Upper West Side. 

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