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Free Shipping on Orders of $98 or more*


Betsy Waters

5 Stars


I brought my elderly mother for new shoes. Mercedes was very helpful and worked well with my mother. We got some nice Thierry shoes with a good fit for her

5 Stars
Tara Rupps

Melvin is the best! I learned so much from him. Worth the trip.

Annie F

After dealing with plantar fasciitis and other common running injuries I decided to take my mother-in-law's advice and see Melvin. You  would think she was working off of commission when you heard her speak of Melvin! 

Melvin is truly a godsend. He is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to the foot. After taking a look at my foot and then analyzing my gait he was able to give me a breakdown of the three parts of my foot- something my podiatrist never provided me with! He explained to me that I have high arches and a  narrow ankle bone. He then showed me the proper way to put on my running sneakers so that I would receive the optimal benefit from all of the fancy materials that they put in sneakers. He even went over what shoes would not be good for me, particularly Birkenstocks!! 

After following his advice I noticed that my foot ailments have disappeared. Any anytime I had the urge to wear my Birkenstocks I'd notice that my foot pain would ease its way back.

If your experiencing any type of foot pain you should really seek out Melvin's advice before you spend a ton of money on podiatrist fees and orthotics!


Melanie Alviar


Google  5 Stars

Phillip was so helpful and knowledgeable about kids shoes. He was patient and made our day easy. We will definitely come back and ask for Phillip.... best service ! Natalie at the cashier was cheerful and made the place enjoyable.

Gerardo Diaz


Google 5 Stars

Love. An Awesome shop


Olivia S


The service here is incredible. I had a really negative experience at Harry's (basically felt like I was in the first of Pretty Woman), so I came here instead and I felt like I was in the second half of Pretty Woman with people who genuinely love humanity.

The salesman came back with a huge stack of shoes in my unusual size, and said, "don't worry if you don't like any of these. We're just going to keep trying until we find something that works for you." And we did.

Nick Huober

Old school shoe store that has been in the neighborhood forever. Very attentive service and decent selection of good brands. Mainly athletic and casual shoes.

Megan N

I have severe pain in my foot and no one knows why, the folks at tip top were very patient, waited for me to try various shoes and walked up n down in the store until i was happy. I actually had to return and get a bigger size, n they were super helpful with that as well. I made sure to wear the shoes inside so they weren't dirty and it was an easy return as well.

Elizabeth S.


This review is for the Tip Top KIDS department, which is next door to Tip Top main store. Ideally I would give it 4 stars but that means I am comparing it to other stores...but being that the only other children's store I have to compare is Harry's, I'm going to give it 5 stars because they do a great job, know their customers, and buying shoes for growing feet (for most part) can't be done online. I did. And I've regretted it, not all, but many times.

I don't know all the staff's names but I do recall Philip fitting my daughter's first real shoes when she started to run around at 12 months. I do a lot of research (it helps that I don't have a normal feet/gait/pronation etc.) but I figured I could get away with buying the highest rated shoes on Zappos and Amazon. Don't get me wrong, about 80-90% of the time, reviews from moms with similar foot anatomy to my kids are on point and when I order, they fit perfectly.

But just like adults, you can really screw up if you put toddlers in improperly fitted shoes. If you buy too big thinking they'll grow quickly into it (based on the average growth rate) and because you don't want to spend another $69 in 3 months' time as I am still reluctant to, you'll have a kid wearing huge shoes, tripping and falling the girl we saw crossing 66th street and she tripped over the shoes that fell off and nearly got run over by a car after letting go of her nanny's had to go fetch her shoes.

For some time after my first experience at Tip Top, for convenient reasons we started going to Harry's. But after less than stellar experience, returned to tip top when buying online was frustrating trying to fit both my daughters.

We saw Terra who is well informed, extremely personable and friendly. And each time we returned, she knew my daughters by name and just that makes my kids feel comfortable and open to trying new shoes. We also saw Philip who instantly knew that I was very limited in choices for the issues that my daughter had (her frustration with the velcro, her high instep, and sensitive feet.) And she needed new shoes that very moment so I didn't have time to browse online. And there was only one shoe that he recommended but I asked him to bring another one. My daughter tried the one he picked, and told me she will never get frustrated ever again.

Seriously parents, this is the reason why we still need to support local businesses because there are still some things, many things, that require person to person interaction and expertise. And the reason why I would give it four stars is also due to their limited selection for wide range of foot issues, seasons, sizes/colors etc., and the size of the store, but let's get real, I have to give it 5 stars because they run a tight store in a tight space in Manhattan and with their customer base being demanding Manhattan parents, they do a stellar job.


Judah J


Helped by Melvin who gave very helpful advice on accessories (heel cushion) and proper shoes to wear for my feet. The selection of shoes and accessories is wide and worth shopping for, depending on what you're looking for (sneakers, boots, slippers, shoes).


Melanie B

Great customer service! If you need something Harold is your go to guy! He helped me with multiple shoes until I found the ones that I loved. He was great and the store has a wonderful selection of shoes boots, sneakers and sandals.



Just bought my 2nd pair of Uggs here.  Tip-Top is a fantastic local shoe store in my neighborhood with an amazing variety of high quality shoes and boots, reasonable prices, as well as the best customer service and employees in the city! Patient, friendly, approachable and informed.  Highly recommend!

TJ Dietderich

I hate buying shoes and used to always end up with something cute but painful that would fall apart in a few months to a year. Luckily this store has a ton of knowledgeable sales folks. Melvin got me sorted out right quick and showed me a ton of shoes that didn't kill my feet. I went in for new sneakers and ended up buying some boots and walking shoes too. I'll probably go back for sandals in the summer. Thanks Melvin ♥️



Will L

Excellent customer service and a great selection of footwear. I had a Tip Top experience shopping here! A++

Lynn Gatto


When I arrive in NYC my first stop is Tip Top! They have a fabulous selection and their shoe sales people are the best. The last time I was in Melvin happily brought me box after box of shoes. He suggested the right shoes for my kind of feet, and he knew what he was talking about! The Tip Top sales people are trained! I bought four pair the last time I was in. Every pair of shoes I have have bought at Tip Top have been worth every penny! I live 400 miles from the store but it's my favorite place to buy shoes!


Sarah  2/5/18

For years, Harold Dominicci at Tip Top has taken the time to find out my preferences and offer thorough, honest  information about how to accommodate quirky feet. Always friendly and professional, he works to find the best options for each customer.  Because he didn't pressure me, I came back more than once to hunt for winter boots. He found the perfect solution: I love my warm, comfortable  boots, which also look great--a difficult combination to find.



Harold and staff are never pushy--just full of all the information you'll ever need, including for challenged feet! Support this local, neighborhood store--rather than mega-chains that mistreat their employees.


There isn't a shoe store in Manhattan with better service or knowledge of footwear than Tip Top Shoes. I recently stopped by to ask a question about running shoes. Not only was the salesperson quick to answer all of my questions. They also examined my feet, and then suggested a proper running shoe in three different price ranges. The service was fantastic and the price was a bargain. The whole experience reminded of how important and essential brick and mortar stores are, and how the internet can never take the place of first-rate customer service. Tip Top Shoes is a first-rate establishment and I recommend it highly.


Tip Top Shoes and Lester are as good as it gets!  Thank you so very much for the incredible amount of time and your patience on a very busy day to find me the perfect pair of shoes for my very difficult to fit problem feet.  This really is the best shoe store in NYC!

Excellent shoe store. Great service, patient, knowledgeable sales people.
Great selection. Beats "the other shoe store" on UWS by a mile! I  recommend Tip Top highly.
Lynn P
I haven't worn shoes in eight years, after surgery I set out today to buy shoes. A bit apprehensive. Mercedes Ramirez patiently listened to a list of medical woes. She gave me thoughtful advice and was willing to run up and down until we found the perfect fit.

She made the world feel a little safer again today.
Sheila H
I have visited this store many times and purchased all of my shoes there.
With wide feet I find it difficult to find comfortable walking shoes.
Every time I have been fitted with shoes that feel like they were made for me and which I wore for the rest of my trip. My feet thank you.

Wonderful service!! Everyone working was incredibly nice and they KNEW the products they were handling.
They answered all of my questions beautifully and i was in and out with my shoes in a timely manner!

Tip Top is the best shoe store in ny; bar none.  The best customer service in the whole city!  The brands and quality are great, and the salespeople are extremely knowledgeable about their merchandise, about fitting shoes well, and even about shoes that help foot problems.  Harold Dominicci is one of their best salespeople; I recommend him with great enthusiasm; he recommended the perfect running shoe for me and I am so happy!
-Maria G

We had heard that the best shoe store in Manhattan is Tip Top Shoes.   Did we ever hear correctly!  My wife and I wanted very comfortable shoes.  Harold Dominiccio was terrific.  He listened to our needs and desires and found us the most comfortable shoes we have ever tried on.  He did not try to sell us the most expensive models, but gave us the best and most comfortable models for the price and ensured they fit perfectly. Harold also has a hilarious sense of humor. We purchased five pairs and they shipped them to our home in Kansas City so we would not have to pack them around Manhattan.  The manager, Frank, was also very attentive and friendly.  He ensured all was well with our order and even recommended a terrific restaurant.  Arianne rang us up and could not have been more pleasant. On the way out, Harold treated our shoes with a water resisting treatment.  This is a shoe store rarely found today. They espouse good old fashioned customer service and know how.   We wish they were in Kansas City!!!  When we make our annual trip to Manhattan, we will be buying more shoes from Harold, Frank, and Arianne at Tip Top.
-Rand S
They have a large selection and great service. I think they tend a bit more towards the well-made and good for your feet variety more than for the overly trendy variety, but I think there's something there for most adults.
-Dave H
Visiting NYC for the first time and found this amazing store on YELP. Place was full on a mid-March Saturday afternoon with just as many salesmen... Somehow THE Harold found me and picked out 3 hard to find boots for my wide size 9.5 feet. When Harold saw the inserts I'd been using he shook his head and put in a pair of Birkenstock inserts, which I never knew existed. They made SUCH a difference!  I choose 2-one tall black leather waterproof boots and one short black suede boots. Me and my feet left very very happy and the prices were better than Zappos for the exact same boots! But ladies, be forewarned...Harold can be very charming!
Rene S
I had an amazing experience at tip top! Harold was very knowledgeable and helpful and
spent the time to make sure I was happy with the shoes and fit! I'll definitely be back! Bethany D

The best shoe store in NYC, bar none.
Get Harold to help you...he's wonderful, smart, and if you're nice, he'll show you some salsa steps!
Really, everyone there is the best...and a shout-out to Arianne, who's behind the counter and is always a sweetheart.
And get on the email list for their sales...great value.
Louise G

I went to Tip Top Shoes today with a very specific challenge: to find some summer shoes that I can put bulky orthotics in.  And my feet are two different sizes - so many problems.  But I met Harold who went out of his way to be encouraging and to find shoes that would work for my difficult feet.   I expected it to be a depressing experience as it has often been but Harold took such good care of me, was so cheerful and worked so hard to solve the problem that I came away completely positive about my whole experience.  I found a great pair of shoes that I think will be perfect for my upcoming trip to Key West and the Caribbean where I need to look nice at night.  And did I mention how nice the checkout people were?   I'm so glad I've found my way to Tip Top Shoes and to Harold in particular.   I will be back the very next time I need new shoes.  Great experience all around!!!!!  I could not recommend it higher if you have problem feet (and who doesn't!?!?!)  By the way, my new shoes are San Antonio Shoes which are terrific!!!  

Truly appreciate the special service from Harold Dominicci. I recently came in and bought 3 pairs of shoes.  One  had to be special ordered because of double width.  I had tried Nordstrom's and they said they did not have the Munro Pia in black leather any more.  I couldn't even find it on the Munro website.  Harold and your staff came through and mailed the Munro Pia in the extra wide width  directly to my home.  I'll continue to be your walking advertiser!

Thanks again for providing the best customer service!



My experience at Tip Top was wonderful.
Over the last six months or so I had wondered if my shoe size had changed, and by last week I realized I needed to be fitted professionally,
so I chose to go to Tip Top after reading reviews of several shoe stores in Manhattan.
I was very fortunate to be helped by Harold Dominicci, who seemed to know exactly what I wanted
and who worked tirelessly until I walked away with four pairs of shoes,
including two pairs of work-to-casual shoes, a gorgeous pair of boots and wonderful running shoes.
Harold was very professional, friendly and patient as I kept asking to see different styles.
Harold said he had worked at Tip Top for 23 years, and his experience showed.
I definitely will return to Tip Top.

Elaine J

We LOVE Tiptop and we LOVE Harold!  
Not only does he give great service, he might teach you a salsa step or two as well!
And really, what better way to know if you have the right shoes on, but to salsa in them!  
We'll be back to Tip Top! Thank you, Harold!
Jayne B
Harold Dominicci -- great sales person...personable and highly knowledgable.

Highly recommend you come in and work him. He got what we needed immediately -and steered us to a great result -- terrific shoes that fit!

Thank you
Oren K
I love this shoe store.  They are family owned & i have always had A plus help & guidance from their sales staff.   Recently I have been helped successfully on two separate visits by Mercedes & Harold.  
Outstanding & very knowledgeable regarding what I was looking for & aware of my budget.  
The store itself is a haven for a wide selection of many quality brands with the best of the best from each company represented.  
I will continue to travel uptown to Tip Top when buying my shoes, boots, slippers, insoles, etc
This is a 5 star gem & a true NYC experience!
They even measure your foot to make sure you're asking for the right size!  
Thank you Mercedes & Harold & the rest of your sales associates for being true professionals in customer service!  
I'll be back!

Joan Z

I've been buying my shoes here the last several years and the reason why is that the service and selection is great here. Plus a Salesman makes sure your satisfied with the shoes or sneaker you have picked. The salesman go above and beyond to make sure you're happy before you leave the store. Julio was my salesman last time I was in store. because of my shoes size it's hard to find the right fit but he made sure I left Tip Top happy. I highly recommend this store if you live in the city or you just coming into shop
I wanted to write you about the extraordinary service I received from one of your sales people, Melvin Nelson. About two weeks ago I bought a pair of Uggs Neumel shoes. Unfortunately, after wearing them for a half hour, the back of my heel was so blistered that I couldn't continue walking. I called the store and brought them back, where they were sent out to be altered. I came back a few days later, told they had been repaired-and found the problem still persisted. They were sent out again-and when I tried them on in the store, I could still not walk comfortably..
Fortunately, Mr. Nelson was on duty and asked about my problem-and immediately took overthe situation!
He watched me walk, measured my feet several times, and then suggested a heel lift. He then told me to go home, walk around for a while and see if that made a difference. It did-but only on my right foot. Mr. Nelson then said to come back to the store and see what he could do. This time, he took the shoes and personally re-altered the back heel of the left shoe. Presto-the problem was solved.
I was incrediby impressed with the level of service and attention Mr. Nelson provided. He went the extra mile to look at the problem "from all sides,"-and I truly felt like Iwas being dealt with by a first-rate professional. I've been shopping at Tip Top for many years. Employees like Mr. Nelson are one of the big reasons I will continue to recommend the store to everyone I know.
If you've had foot surgery (I've had 3) or just have funky feet, you want to go to a place where the salespeople 'know their stuff'and where there is a wide selection.  This time I was helped by Julio C. who knew exactly what I wanted & needed, and he said he brought me choices because he  didn't want me to look like an old lady.  How sweet was THAT?  Such a valuable resource for New York!!
I come back to Tip Top Shoes twice a year to buy shoes. I love the personal service.
Today my salesman was Harold and he was courteous and very helpful- he is an asset to Tip Top Shoes!
I just had to take time off my busy day enjoying my new shoes to sing the praises of Omar, the wonderful salesman at Tip Top. He was incredibly attentive, patient, he picked just the right shoes for me, with every gesture conveying the sense that he was glad to serve and make the experiences and the purchase work.  A real old-fashioned shoe store. I also really liked the other sales help that was there. Omar made what might have been a very humdrum experience almost uplifting! Ask for him.

I shop at Tip Top for years and kind of used to the service and quality I get there but I have to share this wonderful experience I had yesterday when I took a friend to the store, someone with "problem feet" that needed a bit more attention.
My regular sales  person Harold Dominicci took care of her. Looked at her feet, knew what her needs were and started bringing out shoes and sandals and more for about 2 hrs until she found THE pair and another pair and was happy. They were both very happy, so happy that they started dancing in the store! To me, that's caring..
A few days ago I stopped by Tip Top Shoes with my mother and had a great experience. We wandered around for a bit on our own before being helped by Harold Domincci. He was very friendly, a charming conversationalist, and was never pushy. We both tried on several shoes and left with a pair each.

At one point while my mother and I were trying on shoes, she asked Harold about the ones he was wearing. He said that they were great for salsa dancing and gave a little demo. It turned out he's a former salsa teacher. I'm a swing dancer, so we talked about dancing and I asked Harold to show me the dance move he had done before, so I could test out the shoes properly. He ended up teaching me some basic salsa steps, and then showing me all sorts of turns and other moves. This was definitely the most fun I've ever had buying shoes.
Walked into the store last week with my friend and her daughter and walked out with an education.  Mr. Melvin Nelson was an amazing sales associate. They simply do not make them like that anymore. He measured our feet and then gave us an in-depth lesson on what kind of shoes we needed to buy and how to put the shoes on properly. He was sweet, kind and I will definitely be going back for summer sandals.
Fantastic service on the floor and a huge selection of casual and going-out shoes (I didn't look at athletic shoes). Went specifically to purchase a pair of Birkenstocks, and (for a non-department store) they had a wide range of the most popular colors and models.  The gentleman who helped me was very knowledgable about the differences and nuisances for each model, patient in getting multiple sizes, and even had a sense of humor. I would recommend Tip Top Shoes for anyone looking to buy a pair of casual shoes.
Five stars to Melvin, a true professional who clearly enjoys providing expert advice to people about their feet. I recently broke my toe, and Melvin analyzed my feet and told me exactly what types of shoes I needed to be wearing during and after my recovery. Despite my whining and reluctance to wear less than fabulous shoes, he won me over, and I left with a lot of new knowledge  about my feet and a few new pairs of shoes that actually feel good. The store is old-school, and not the place to come for stilettos or high fashion. However, if you are older, have foot problems or a recent injury, this is the place to come straight from the podiatrist's office - or in my case, the ER. Melvin has a fan for life.
My 82-year-old mother and I had a fantastic experience at Tip Top. I will say that I'm a regular; but this time, we got Harold Dominicci, who proceeded to make my Mom feel like a queen, assessed her multiple foot and ankle issues better than her podiatrist, and proceeded to bring out no more than a half dozen pairs of absolutely perfect shoes for her. "Harold's my name, and shoes are my game," said Harold, who;s been at it 23 years. Tip Top specializes in high-end shoes, especially the comfortable walking variety, from all over the world. They're not cheap, and very rarely if ever are there sales, but -- if you get Harold -- you'll wind up with shoes you won;t want to take off, they feel so good.
This place is phenomenal. My Mom has had foot problems and is still recovering from a hip replacement. I worked with Julio Caballero, and he was fantastic. He listened to what I had to say, and then told me what he thought would work well.
I ended up taking four pairs home for my Mom to try on. When I found one, I brought them back and said she had one that fit well, but it was the wrong color.
Julio placed a special order for the color she wanted, and did something else very special to help her out. He understands the issues with an older parent, as his Mom is also 92, and was terrific to work with.
I have shopped at Tip Top several times before, however my last experience was by far the best.  My sales associate, Harold Dominicci, was attentive to my foot health concerns, my needs for different shoe styles and the ability to read my style.  Clearly he is a seasoned professional and I always felt like he truly catered to my personal requirements.  He never tried to 'up-sell' or talk me into buying a more expensive pair (although, I did). I would highly recommend tip top for the selection of shoes alone, but if you want a pro who knew more than my podiatrist, go to Harold!
LOVE this place.  Ask for Harold Dominicci to help you, and you won't regret it.  He took one look at my feet, saw that my arches were high, and disappeared into the stock room, coming back with 2 perfect boot options for me.  I was planning a trip and needed something comfortable, stylish, and practical.  I spent more than I had intended, but I totally trusted him because his advice in the past has been so spot-on.  Fast forward 3 weeks: just came back from my trip, and the La Canadienne boots that he recommended (the Camilla) were beyond perfect.
Thanks Harold; you did it again!
as in NYC on business so didn't have a lot of time to shop.  Tip Top has a GREAT selection oWf designer shoes, especially top brands of cool boots and walking shoes.  Harold was a doll and not only helped me get in and out quickly, but arranged for shipping for my two new pairs of shoes so I didn't have to carry them on the plane.
I have a tough time finding comfortable shoes - recently moved to the city and didn't know where to shop. After an unpleasant experience at another store I came here and was in heaven. Very good selection and a gem of a salesperson: can't recommend Jackie enough. She really listened to my needs and preferences and (unlike some other places I have been) was honest about what fit and what did not, instead of trying to sell me whatever size was in stock. She helped me find three pairs of shoes that all worked well right from the first wearing, a complete, first-in-a-lifetime miracle. Thank you Jackie!
In my family, we walk. Instead of paying for gas and a car, we buy high quality shoes, usually from here. I have almost never been disappointed and love coming here year after year.
This is the place to go if you want shoes to really fit your child!  Occasionally we try other shoe stores, but the shoes don't always fit.  PS  We have run into celebrities here, getting shoes for their children, putting their names on the sign in list (to determine order of service), just like anyone else (hint: "Tina").
Service with Miguel..fantastic!
He carefully but quickly measured my son's feet and helped us find a pair of waterproof Keen sandals at about half-off.  Less than any deal online!
My picky son loved the experience and wore the shoes out of the store.  Easy! Thanks Miguel!
Came Weds noon-ish.  Store wasn't crowded.
Have to go here on every trip from California. Harold has helped us for years. He is on top of what I need and makes suggestions for comfort and design. Just bought the most comfortable sandals...did not pick them out. Harold did. He was spot on. Perfect fit and style. We call him twinkle toes from early dance demo. Sometimes two years go by and he always recognizes us. Not sure how, knowing he sees about 1000 faces and 2000 feet a day.
Julie F
I'm a sports medicine MD. Melvin nelson is legit. He helped my sister's feet out for her running shoes and I'm coming back for myself. I have been a lot of places. He is the man
Doc J
I haven't been to New York City in ten years, but at last, I had the chance to go - and on my to do list was Tip Top Shoes. They have a great selection, but more than that, they seem to have an excellent inventory. I wear a very standard size and way too many times at other stores they're out of it. I walked out with three new pairs, and besides actually having my size in stock, the salesman, Harold Dominicci, was very expert. He seemed to know exactly what I would like and how the style would fit, and got the job done in no time at all - and he was very personable as well. There was an issue that involved a consultation with Frank, the manager, and that worked out perfectly. There is no shoe store in my home town of Washington, DC that has that kind of expert customer service combined with inventory. Molly - that's me - is happy.
Chessie G
This is the go to shoe store New York City
I always have a good experience when shopping at tiptop and visiting Felix
They've got a good return policy and a great selection
As a matter fact my mother went here when she was a kid
Spencer W
Amazing service and dedication. I floated in Tip Top on 1/26/15 - as the blizzard was starting in NY and 2 days before my 10 day yoga retreat in Jamaica. All other stores on the block were closed or closing, the grocers were crazy, but they were open...
I had a very specific that wonderfully fit my unique foot needs (wide toe box, very active etc). Waterproof sturdy boots for the season to play in, and open hiking sandals to rock in Jamaican mountains, beaches, and rivers...
BOOYAH! crazy crowded but in 10 minutes they had the perfect fits...I was giddy. Uggs butte metal gray boots and Ecco sandals. Since, I've moved through the ice snow and slush rivers in NYC and the hot spring rivers of Bath in St. Thomas Jamaica...with ease! Best purchase. So satisfied.
Toni L
If you have knee or foot issues, go to Tip Top and ask for Melvin. You'll have to wait - I waited behind two women from Sweden who visit Tip Top on every visit to NYC so that Melvin can help them pick out shoes. I was there because my doctor, after examining my sore right knee, concluded that I was working out in the wrong sneakers. He told me I could spend hundreds of dollars on orthotics or I could go to Melvin. Melvin spent a lot of time with me and I bought a pair of sneakers and sandals. Two days later, the sneakers felt big - I realized that it had been the hottest day of the year when I was trying on shoes and my feet were swollen I went back to Melvin and he immediately exchanged them for a smaller size, no questions asked. Those sneakers, 2 years later, have held up remarkably and are the most comfortable pair that I own.
Deborah H

Had an AWESOME experience at TipTop last weekend. Needed winter boots for the impending storm and HAROLD DOMINICI got me hooked up right away. There was a 50% off sale rack and I picked up an additional pair of stylish boots that he gave me an extra discount on top of the sale price!
this place is EXCEPTIONAL for customer service. It's a great shopping experience where you feel cared for, and can't find too frequently these days.
I hope Tip Top stays in the neighborhood forever!!!
Lara F
Several years ago, your wonderful salesperson, Harold, introduced
me to Thierry Raboutin shoes which I wore so often, they expired. I hadn't
been to Tip Top in years but realized I wanted to buy more of these
comfortable shoes. My memory didn't fail me, nor did Harold! He was still
there and we have reconnected. Harold knows your stock very well and is a
pleasure to work with! I hope this message gets to Danny Wasserman as
Harold is one fine employee.|

I wanted to convey my complete satisfaction to you in a more formal way than
just Thank you.
Specifically, Harold with his professional knowledge of product assisted
me in selecting my very first pair of snow boots. Being from California
with only tennis shoes on my feet and with the snow coming down, I found a
haven in your store.
Not only did I walk away with the perfect boots (Sorel), but because of
Harold I had a wonderful day.
See you soon for another pair of shoes.

Thank you -- especially to delightful Kareem, who helped me explore boots in
your shop -- for a wonderful shopping experience recently. I was so
impressed with the knowledgeability of Kareem and with the beautiful
selection of footwear in the store. Everyone was very professional and
considerate. Although I had to return my boots due to a factory labeling
problem, I definitely look forward to returning to your store
I bought a nice pair of New Balance sneaker/shoes yesterday
(10-11-13) and Melvin was the salesman. You are fortunate to have such a
competent, knowledgeable, patient and thoroughly helpful and pleasant
salesman, Just wanted to let you know. Please make sure the manager sees
this message also.
I've been enjoying coming Tip-Top Shoes for some time now due to your great choices of shoes. The reason I don't shop anywhere else, however, is due to one of your exemplary employees Melvin.

Melvin is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, patient and most importantly VERY skilled.
I'm writing to complement Tip Top on the exemplary service I received last week from Harold. I needed shoes that would allow for my prescription orthotics. His knowledge and professionalism were much appreciated, and he succeeded in helping me find a pair of dress shoes to wear with slacks. I'm sure to work with Harold in the future.