Posted on by Ryan Thon

Winter is coming, and while none of us have to worry about White Walkers, most of the population is gearing up for, or has already initiated, a roughly four to six month battle with cold temperatures and less-than-desirable weather. A pair of UGG boots are the perfect option to keep you high, dry, and exceptionally warm during these frigid days. Founded in Australia in 1978, UGG, aside from being the brand name, refers to a style of sheepskin boots with an inner fleece lining that initially came to popularity during the heyday of 60s surf culture in New Zealand and Australia before eventually exporting to the UK and beyond. Today, UGG boots have become ubiquitous, and are known for their exceptional durability and warmth. We have an extensive collection of UGG footwear at the shop, so stop by and see us at 155 W 72nd ST between Columbus and Amsterdam on the UWS, or avoid the cold altogether and check them out in our web store!