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Vibram Coasters For The Vibram Fan

A little history bout Vibram: In 1935, the deaths of six of Bramani’s mountaineering friends in the Italian Alps was partly blamed on inadequate footwear. The tragedy drove Vitale Bramani to develop a new climbing sole. Two years later, he patented his invention and launched the first rubber soles on the market with a tread design called the “Carrarmato”, with the financial backing of Leopoldo Pirelli of Pirelli Tires. The sole was designed to provide excellent traction on the widest range of surfaces, have a high degree of abrasion resistance and was made using the latest vulcanized rubber of the time.In 1954, the first successful ascent to the summit of K2 was made by an Italian expedition wearing Vibram rubber on their soles.

Today Vibram soles are manufactured in places like Brazil, China, Italy and the United States,and used in thousands of footwear styles.( source wiki) Needless to say they are revolutionary! If you’re a fan you might consider owning these Vibram coasters we spotted at zozo japan and selectism

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