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United Nude 'Flat Pack'Shoes !

Spanish performance artist Alicia Framis invited United Nude designers Galahad Clark and Rem D. Koolhas to create a shoe suitable for outer space as part of her Moon Life project :

…a high-heeled shoe both elegant and sexy while not be limited by the extreme conditions of space such as temperature and pressure. Additionally, United Nude’s goal was to create a shoe that can also function in a gravity rich environment.
The further the journey, the more it will cost to transport by weight and volume. Therefore United Nude formulated their own criteria for their Moon Life Shoe: to create something as light and compact as possible while remaining fashionable. The outcome is the United Nude Flat Pack shoe

 View in detail on the flip via Core77.

moon-life-shoe-united-nude-8 moon-life-shoe-united-nude-1 moon-life-shoe-united-nude-2 moon-life-shoe-united-nude-3 moon-life-shoe-united-nude-4 moon-life-shoe-united-nude-5 moon-life-shoe-united-nude-6 moon-life-shoe-united-nude-7

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