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The Odyssey of Correct Shoe Fit

This letter was written to us by one very happy customer. Now, we do get testimonials like this often but here was one case where our fit specialist  went the extra mile! Read on!

December 23, 2016

Dear Mr. Wasserman,

I wanted to write you about the extraordinary service I received from one of your sales people, Melvin Nelson. About two weeks ago I bought a pair of Uggs Neumel shoes. Unfortunately, after wearing them for a half hour, the back of my heel was so blistered that I couldn’t continue walking. I called the store and brought them back, where they were sent out to be altered. I came back a few days later, told they had been repaired-and found the problem still persisted. They were sent out again-and when I tried them on in the store, I could still not walk comfortably.

Fortunately, Mr. Nelson was on duty and asked about my problem-and immediately took over

the situation! He watched me walk, measured my feet several times, and then suggested a heel lift. He then told me to go home, walk around for a while and see if that made a difference. It did-but only on my right foot. Mr. Nelson then said to come back to the store and see what he

could do. This time, he took the shoes and personally re-altered the back heel of the left shoe. Presto-the problem was solved.

I was incredibly impressed with the level of service and attention Mr. Nelson provided. He went the extra mile to look at the problem “from all sides,”-and I truly felt like I was being dealt with by a first-rate professional.

I’ve been shopping at Tip Top for many years. Employees like Mr. Nelson are one of the big reasons I will continue to recommend the store to everyone I know.


Brian Rose

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