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Superga in Vogue Italia

The legendary Superga was featured in Italian Vogue! read the feature below and see lots of archive images on the flip: 

A name that stands for a product: the sports shoe with a rubber sole. For years a cult product, the brand has lived through several events and successes

The brand Superga was founded in Turin on October 3rd, 1911, when the joint-stock company Walter Martiny Rubber Industry started producing footwear accessories and other items. A few years later, its first model (which also became the most loved one) was patented under the number 2570. This canvas shoe was designed by the company’s technical office and it originates and has been successful thanks to the special vulcanized rubber, patented in 1844 by Charles Goodyear, who also helped in the success of the eponymous footwear company and of Converse shoes. In 1929 production on the model started in Turin, characterized by decorative stitching on the outsole, with nickel-brass eyes and natural cotton base, unlined and transpiring.


Rest of the article at Vogue Italia, purchase Superga here.

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