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Skechers Shape Ups are Selling Out!!!

A great article from 7thFootwear Forecast reads:
New stocks of Skechers Shape Ups are already selling fast at Fitness Footwear and with the warmer weather on its way, Shape Ups sales are expected to soar and outstrip supply. Created by American lifestyle brand Skechers, Shape Ups trainers take the comfort and style of everyday trainers and incorporate a dynamic rolling midsole in order to promote weight loss, improve posture and tone muscles by mimicking the effects of barefoot walking.

Designed to help consumers to ‘get fit without setting foot in a gym’, Skechers Shape Ups have been incredibly popular since their launch in June 2009 and with many more exciting styles taken from Skechers’ best selling range of lifestyle trainers, Shape Ups have been selling like hot cakes. More on the article on the neext page while you can purchase a wide variety of shape ups like the Jump Start (above)  here.

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“The great thing about Shape Ups is that they’re Skechers trainers with something extra,” explains Fitness Footwear MD Luke Barlow. “This makes them instantly comfortable while providing a convenient source of exercise for people with busy lifestyles.”

The appropriately named Fitness Footwear is the market leader in this new niche for active lifestyle footwear and was the first UK retailer to stock the highly sought after Skechers Shape Up trainer.

In January the demand for active lifestyle footwear reached an all time high. Fuelled by the lingering recession and New Year resolutions, more people than ever were looking to improve their health and well being while seeking a cost effective alternative to the gym.

While ‘get fit quick’ products are typically regarded with scepticism, Shape Ups were received with open arms due to Skechers’ reputation for the comfort and quality of their footwear. As one of America’s best loved lifestyle brands with over 25 years of experience and backed up by a clinical case study, Skechers Shape Ups were an overnight success.

Designed to simulate the effects of walking barefoot on soft, uneven ground, Shape Ups utilise the muscles in the legs, buttocks, back and stomach to maintain balance and control, which will result in improved posture, stronger muscles and a slender, more toned physique.

Skechers have achieved this by combining a soft foam insole, dynamic rolling bottom and a dual density midsole. The soft foam insole allows the heel to sink into the shoe as the wearer steps, in the same way as walking on soft sand. The dynamic rolling bottom aids the foot in rolling from the heel and on to the forefoot, before pushing off with the toes. Meanwhile, the dual density midsole provides comfortable cushioning to protect feet and joints from hard every day surfaces.

“Walking naturally is a huge health benefit,” continued Mr Barlow “But due to our urban environment, we don’t walk barefoot on soft, uneven surfaces. Instead we all wear cushioned shoes to protect our feet and that has changed the way we walk.”

Skechers Shape Ups are designed to bring the way we walk back to nature, by providing the soft surface needed to work the foot effectively while offering all the comfort and cushioning we need for walking around town. As a result, Shape Ups have a broad appeal to a wide range of people and are selling faster than ever as word of Skechers’ new fitness footwear spreads like wildfire.

Drawing inspiration from the most popular Skechers trainers, hot new styles of Shape Ups are selling fast.

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