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Running Barefoot, An Alternative…

Living in NYC , especially on the Upper west Side, one cannot ignore that the sport of running is alive and well. Most runners have their favorites brands of running sneakers  and can list the benefits to their performance, the cushionning etc. Nonetheless ,we’ve always wondered what  running was like before any footwear even existed ? Or even centuries  later when sneakers were just a sleek layer of rubber . Many studies are getting published on this topic, most recently  by Harvard on the subject of barefoot running, that you can read here.

The star shoe of the newly appointed “Barefoot Running” category for us has been Vibram Five Fingers who couples the concept of barefoot running with a sleek and modern silhouette.  You will be hearing alot about this category as this is a concept we really believe in. Click here to see the Five Finger women’s and men’s style available at


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