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Rocker Soles In Footwear Definition and Uses

‘ Rocker Soles’ or ‘Rocker Bottoms’ have become a phenomenon of wellness footwear.  The rounded soles  provide an uneven ground, shifting the  foot to ground contact .  While the consultation of a physician is always advised to below is a list of common uses via Cody. S :

After Surgery
Rocker soles are often prescribed for people who have undergone surgery on an ankle, hip or knee as a means of reducing impact on the affected joint.

For Diabetics
Rocker soles are also commonly prescribed to diabetes patients who often have diminished sensation in their feet and may experience trauma or pressure on their feet that goes unnoticed.

Other Benefits
Rocker soles can also be used to minimize general foot and ankle pain not associated with surgery. This can include causes of pain or pressure, such as arthritis, partial amputation, infection or growths.

Some brands  stocked at Tip Top Shoes that feature rocker soles:DanskoMBT, Finn , Fitflop.

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