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Pikolinos Spring/Summer 2011 In Stock!!!

PIKOLINOS , is one of the current companies whose business model is raising the standard in the footwear industry. Part of the Grupo Pikolinos which includes: Martinelli, Pikostore, Pies Cuadrados and Vabene. The footwear brand’s social responsibility as well as flawless emphasis on style and quality is one we cannot ignore. Read more about them on the next page as well as view the Maracaibo styles , the Turin, and the Florencia. All available here.

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In 2007, the Juan Peran Foundation was born. Through this non-profit organization Grupo Pikolinos aims to provide more opportunities, help and cooperation through social, cultural, sport and development projects.

Pikolinos was established in 1984 by its current president, Juan Peran Ramos. The main idea behind its creation was product development based on the design, quality and originality of a unique shoe. From the beginning, the philosophy that has inspired the company is a combination of the above maxims and the application of the highest technologies to guarantee our clients a top quality shoe.

In 1989 Pikolinos ventured to new frontier and carried out export trials with great results, using France as the pilot. What started as just a test became the sales core. Pikolinos currently devotes 80% of its production to export. The destination countries mainly include United States, France, Germany, Italy and Russia, among others. Pikolinos is in about 60 countries, has over 20 official stores and over 8000 points of sale around the World.

We work day by day to be a leading brand in comfort, establishing our unique identity in the global market.

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