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Meet The Tip Top Shoes Store Team: The Manager

Tip Top Shoes has a long history rooted in providing quality footwear.   The store’s  staff is made up of a team of individuals who make comfortable footwear dreams come true everyday.It’s a little known fact that most if not all of the store team has been in footwear for a very, very  long time. Today We have the pleasure of introducing the Store Manager !

Name: My name is Harry aka Hank Sirkin Store Manager

How many year have you been working in footwear?:

I started my career in footwear on November , 8 1971 about  40 years. I have been working at Tip Top Shoes for 14 years now.
What is your favorite aspect about your job?:

Helping the people I work with  achieve success by providing leadership , striving to maintain  a pleasant and professional shopping environment for our customers, and also ensure that the store remains   neat, organized and efficient for both our customers and sales associates.
I view each day as a challenge to do better than yesterday and yesteryear. When we go ahead we all win as a team. Synergy is a key to being successful in all areas. Each day there is something new to learn and that’s how we all grow.

Favorite style or brand of shoes for men & women?: Our shoe brands i view as our children,I love them all. ” we own them, we love them, we sell them.

Do you have a funny shoe story to share with our readers?:

Funny shoe store memories, many but here’s one.  Many years ago a customer was very distressed over never being able to find shoes in her size ( size 5 ).  I took a hand truck and loaded it up with all the size 5 footwear we had in the stock room . The shocked customer first cried for a moment and burst into laughter for several  minutes. She purchased 6 pairs!

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