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Free Shipping on Orders of $98 or more*

Injinji Toe-Less'Yoga' Socks

Yoga is if anything one of the best practices that combine wellness of the mind body and spirit .”Recommended by podiatrists and yoga instructors alike: The Unisex  Yoga Toesock™ with individual toe sleeves utilizes the Injinji unique patented construction. This design aligns the bones of the feet for better posture, gripping and balance. This allows you to move more freely and naturally like nature intended”.Check on the next page for more benefits of Injinji’s Yoga Toe-sless socks available at our online store.

• Seamless five-toe construction separates toes, promoting optimal alignment and improving your posture and stance.
• Toesock provides the freedom of movement and flexibility of being barefoot along with reduced between-the-toes blisters and irritation.
• Slip resistant sole has raised treads for superior grip, maximum control and increased balance during exercise.
• Made with NüBamboo is made with Rayon of Bamboo and is softer than cotton.
• Provides added protection for gym floors mats while keeping feet cool and comfortable during exercise.
• Contoured heel pocket and arch support stretch to fit the shape of your foot and reduce slipping and bunching.

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