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Footnotes From Aetrex and Tip Top Shoes

We cannot stress enough that foot problems can develop due to neglect, shoes that do not fit, socks that don’t help, or just simple wear and tear. Remember your feet are very hardworking parts of your body that call for constant attention even if they feel fine. Once a foot problem arises it affects almost every aspect of your life and well being.

Taking the time to maintain a good foot care regimen each season presents a small challenge to keep you fit and functioning well. Unforeseen injuries and ailments are always on the horizon and we hope to be a guiding light to prep you for such pitfalls and offer solutions to avoid any problems. So, don’t forget about caring for your innocent feet!

This fall and winter our feet with be covered and hidden therefore it’s smart to take a few moments after bathing to examine and give them the proper moisturizing. You can also use a pumice stone to smooth out any calluses and avoid rough, cracked heels as well. Plus, in colder weather, start by wearing the correct socks! High-quality, moisture-wicking socks can do wonders for your feet and keep them happy and healthy.

After all, most of us are standing for long hours, running, walking, and more. Your feet will be glad to receive the kind of attention that they deserve.

Lastly, if you’re experiencing discomfort, pain, soreness or any other problem with your feet, don’t hesitate to get it professionally checked.

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