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Finn Stone's 'Lego Stilettos' !!!

UK artist Finn Stone  creates art with  a colorful point of  view, anchored on design and innovation, allowing the viewer to experience everyday objects  in a  unique transformation:

Humor often arises when you mix the absurd with the real and whilst I attempt to create a perspective personal to the viewer I stumble upon an illogical beauty that resonates with comical tones. Better suited to the language of visuals than to the language of text, I create a world that is molded by the complex interaction between initiated processes and materials. With an innate desire to alter and accentuate, my work simply and effectively communicates an emotional response to my surroundings.

View more angles of the Lego pumps on the next page via Ecouterre.

finn-stone-lego-stilettos-1-728x546 finn-stone-lego-stilettos-3 finn-stone-lego-stilettos-2

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