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Setting sail from England to Autralia  in 1853 Blundstone and son built their first facility in Autralia  in 1902:

1853 Brothers, James and Thomas Cuthbertson set sail from England on the ‘Corramandel’ bound for Melbourne but landed in Hobart Town, blown off course in the roaring forties. James Cuthbertson commenced his own business, making and importing shoes. James married, had two sons, and bequeathed the now flourishing business to his first-born, James II.
John and Eliza Blundstone arrived in Hobart around this time on the ‘Conway’ from Derbyshire. Like James Cuthbertson, John was also experienced in footwear manufacture, and he soon set up business in Liverpool Street, Hobart

In 1979  Blundstone became the first Australian footwear manufacturer to receive a Design Award from the Industrial Design Council of Australia.In 1989  they started to manufacture the waterproof injection moulded footwear ( Gum boots) that has made them a favorite.

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