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Barking Dog Shoes Reviews The Munro Staci Mules

A great user review from  Barking Dog shoes of the Munro Staci Mules:

Looks like a perfect fit, eh? See how my heel comes within millimeters of the back of the shoe? No unsightly heel overhang indicating a poor fit. What you can’t see is that the width is perfect too. Although, with all my foot problems, width-fit is not an issue. I’m a medium, always have been, probably always will be.

But if you have a hard-to-fit foot, whether a quad-A narrow or EE-wide, size 4.5 or 13, Munro has a comfortable shoe for you. See, all Munro American shoes are made on a combination last (the solid form around which a shoe is molded). This means that the heel is narrower than the toe by two widths, so my B-width medium shoe pictured above has a narrow (AA) heel. Skinny heels, rejoice! I know you’re out there. You’ve written to me asking for asking for assistance in finding a shoe that fits your narrow heels. Munro American is your answer.

I’m wearing the Staci mule, one of my more comfortable three-inch heels thanks to the 3/4″ platform and sturdy, shock-absorbing heel. The insole is nicely cushioned and it’s removable. While it didn’t accommodate my rather thick custom orthotics, I bet a thinner dress orthotic would fit. I like how the shoe “hugs” my foot and lives up to Munro’s “proper size, perfect fit” claim. And they don’t use the term “American” loosely. The shoes really are made in America, not just dreamed up here and manufactured overseas.” Available here.

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