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Barking Dog Shoes Reviews The Birkenstock 'Grenada'

With a long history in wellness footwear, Birkenstock has been consistently providing variety and innovation to their signature styles. Most recently the Grenada was reviewed by Barking Dog Shoes.Read the review below and see the extensive Tip Top Shoes assortment at this  Birkenstocks link:

My feet crave Birkenstock comfort like my taste buds crave an Arkansas tomato in summer. As we visited friends in Little Rock this weekend, there was little question as to which shoe I’d wear to the river market. These Birkenstock Granada Soft Footbed sandals kept me browsing in comfort from heirloom tomato stand to Native American flute booth to customized toe ring kiosk (no way, no how).

For the past three months, I’ve experienced increasing bunion-area and big-toe joint pain. My RA is on the move again, just in time for summer! Blasted auto-immune diseases. The Birkenstock Granada Soft Footbed is edging out my Alegrias for top spot among my comfort sandals. The soft oiled leather straps across toe and instep allow me to customize the fit for each foot–one with a more pronounced bunion than the other. Birkenstock’s Soft Footbed footwear feels custom-made to my problem feet delivering much needed support and room for toes.

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