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    I couldn’t make up my mind for days about a pair of boots. I finally bought a pair from Tip Top and when I took them home they didn’t feel right. I returned the boots and they were sooo kind and sooo sweet about it. Instead of buying another pair at another shoe store, I returned to Tip Top and purchased another pair there.

    If you really want GREAT help – Harold Domivices is your guy! He is the sweetest most patient man on the planet. He should give courses to men around the world.
    thank you Harold

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    Tip Top Shoes Thank you, Andrea Adler, for taking the time to post your appreciation of the service you received at Tip Top Shoes from Harold Domivices. Seminars to men around the world…..mmmmm, that’s a thought! Maybe when he retires, we wouldn’t want to lose him yet! We wish you and your family a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!
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