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A History Of The Women's Pumps or Court Shoes

Randi pump by ARA

One of the most universal footwear styles for women has been the women’s pump also called court shoes. Timeless in silhouette, the pump can be defined  as an unadorned closed toe shoe with a closed back  with various heel heights and no fastenings:

Though the pump has been a staple in women’s shoes for centuries, it was originally worn (without a heel) by men and servants in the 1500s – then they were called a “pompes.” Eventually, bows and other embellishments, as well as heels were added to pumps, making them more feminine than the flat, plain shoes from which they originated.Classic Pumps and Beyond
Available in versions with next to no heel, as well as six inch stilettos and beyond, pumps today are ultimately feminine. Low-key, classic pumps signify taste and elegance ‘a la Jackie Kennedy’.

Pumps can be worn with a variety of outfits, and can take a woman from a day at the office to a night on the town. Truly multi-purpose, pumps are equally at home at funerals or weddings. With such versatility, it’s easy to see how pumps became a classic.Via about.

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